Polaris Energy outlines progress to expand capacity

Polaris Energy Nicaragua recently updated the Chamber of Industries of Nicaragua (Cadin) about progress on the expansion of its energy production capacity in the country. The board of Cadin visited the Polaris facilities, where general manager Alexis Osorno confirmed the company is focused on expanding its generating capacity of renewable energy for the benefit of Nicaraguans. “All our efforts are committed to raising our production capacity from 50 megawatts to 72 megawatts”, he said. As part of a $43 million investment, Polaris is currently drilling new production wells while maintaining four water injection wells on the same site. Polaris has also invested in local communities, with 3,000 residents benefiting from new health, education and physical infrastructure. 820 families have already gained 24-hour access to potable water. Mario Amador, vice president of Cadin, lauded these efforts: “Polaris Energy is part of the partner companies of Cadin and their performance contributes to the development of the Nicaraguan industry and economic growth.”

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