To ensure high social and Environmental standards, we apply fundamental principles and practices as developed by International Finance Corporation (IFC), standards ISO 260001 and ISO 140012 that are specifically applicable to our operations

Great Place to Work Certified

Annually since 2017, our subsidiary in Nicaragua has been externally recognized as a Great Place to Work. Since then, this recognition has been climbing in the ranking of best places to work in Central America. This serves as evidence of the excellent work environment since the certification is earned thanks to the employee feedback and the Human Resources policies created to make the Nicaraguan subsidiary a Great Place to Work.

Occupational Health & Safety

Safety is our first commitment; it is non-negotiable and guides all of our actions. Our safety culture encompasses the behaviours, beliefs, and values of all staff at our Company.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors, customers, and visitors. This commitment extends to ensuring that our operations do not place any members at risk of injury, illness, or property damage.

Community Relations

Our Company bases its community relations program on understanding the specific needs of the communities, working together, and developing sustainable and strategic projects to improve our nearby communities’ quality of life

Water and Sanitation